Generate passwords enables you to create passwords for your office or your home. Several different types of passwords are available. As example, a password created with the "secure"-setting is much harder to guess than a password created with the "human-readable"-setting. The downside of "secure" password is that they are also much harder to memorize. Please have a look at the different possible passwords and take the once(s) that are most appropriate for your usage.

We have created 50 passwords with 12 characters each especially for you

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Password is a composition of random lower-letter, upper-letter and number characters except that there are no O's, no 0's, no o's, no I's, no i's, no l's, etc.

Generation engine : default   secure   human readeable   anti-confusion   a standard   UUID (GUID)   

Number of passwords : 1   5   10   20   50   100   500   1000

Password length : 4   5   6   7   8   9   10   12   15   20   

Download as : Text file - csv Text file     comma separated CSV-file
New passwords are generated on the fly for the downloads.